The Anime Soldiers

 The Anime Soldiers

As I was walking around every single one of these statues, I saw electricity from one's hands, I   rushed over to see and then... 

“CLONE, NO JUTSU!” Others spawn around him as the exact same. I turned around and Bonk! I ran into another. I jumped over them and “KA ME HA ME HAAA!” I sent a big lazer into the circle knocking most over. Still left with most of my energy I went super saiyan. “RASENGAN!” I got pushed back. I pulled out my sword and “DRAGONS WRATH” I rushed through the rest and had won.

By Lachie


  1. This was amazing this was great. I love the story.

  2. Hi Lachie,
    This was certainly an action- packed response to the prompt this week, I could feel the excitement as I read it. Next time make sure you check your work before you publish for any errors. Thanks for sharing.
    Mrs Moore Team 100 London

    Thank you
    Nicole Moore
    Senior Teacher/EAL Coordinator
    Gearies Primary School

    Message from Mrs Skinner:
    This Team 100 member was not able to post as they don't have Google account. Could you add some options to the drop-down menu please?


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