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Pollution, pollution, pollution. Melted, greasy garbage. Horrible air, disgusting smells you can’t bare. Brown and salty bits of trash, the animals are getting injured pretty fast.
Think of the giraffes, and the whales too, Make a better earth for me and you.

I’d like to leave, but that would be too fast. To make all of your animals stop being put in the trash.
Pollution, pollution, pollution, pollution. Make a better earth for your friends, stop pretending. So we can all have a great ending. Think not just for you, but for OUR happiness.
And think of your amazing planet.

By Emily

Ick - By Henry

As my feet trudge through the icky, gurling swampbits of horrific swampy type fungi cling to my worn out plain black sneakers. I have no idea of any place or the directions that I intend to follow or locate. I just keep on heading straight forwards. The smell is like worn sick it is one of the disgusting substances I have ever smelt in all my days. I wrinkle my nose at the disgusting pong but it doesn't help. I have no idea where I am or how in lords name I got to this land of supposed ick.  
By Henry

100 WORD CHALLENGE - Star Wars

STARWARS Dead black bushes surrounded me. movement above my head caught my attention, "INCOMING!”Someone shrieked. With no time to lose I rolled to cover. but too late, the impact of the energy grenade threw me off my feet and into a nearby tree. DARKNESS… I don't know how long I was out cold but slowly I regained consciousness. I was half sprawled across a fallen tree root. Pain stabbed as I tried to open my dirty eyes!
The jungle was now dead silent. Was I the only survivor 25 lightyears away from home,
on a planet far far away?...

Sloth Takeover

Sloth Takeover As I walked through the broken down plants. I thought I saw' an animal in the plants. I rubbedmy broken glasses. When I rubbed it I saw a ruin. But not just any ruin it was full of sloths!  Suddenly a spear went whoosh right pass me I shouted to the sloths, “I come in peace.. I also got a gift!” I pulled from my pocket a bottle of whiskey. I gave it to the chief. The chief drunk some and shouted in sloth language, “ yummy.”
I shouted,  “yes! I have made peace with the sloth tribe”.
By Yi Feng

Ugnda Knucklez Planet

The astronaut blasted into space in his spaceship. He was heading to Venus, then… bang!! He crashed into an asteroid that sent him flying. Everything went black. He awoke on an orange planet and sniffed the air it smelt like… nothing!!! He heard footsteps, he looked up. The astronaut saw a small, crimson red furred figure standing on the ground. “Who are you?” he asked. The figure said nothing. Maybe he’s a alien!! He thought. Then it started rummaging around the shuttle. It started wandering through and around the ship what, no.. who is he? “Do u know da way?”                  
By Kieran