The crash

The crash

Boom, boom went the house, shaking as if a giant  was walking right beside it.
Splash, splash went the bath water, sploshing as if the ocean waves were breaking in the tub.
Crackle, crackle went the fire in the hearth, flaring as if a volcano was erupting in the lounge.
Swoosh, swoosh went the curtains in the bedroom, swirling as if the wind was howling inside.
Clang, clang went the pots in the kitchen, singing as if they were toddlers making music.
Honk, honk went the car's horn, crashing as it flew uncontrollable into the tiled roof of the house. 




  1. Well this sure is different Leah! What a great way to tell this story, including so many of the rooms in the house! I really enjoyed the creativity of this poem with the pattern you used at the beginning of every line - that's clever!
    If you would like to, how about coming along to my class blog - we are at Ashley School near Rangiora.
    Ms M #100WC


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