100 word challenge - Late

“WHHhyYYYyYyY!!??!?” Me and my friend screamed! WE WERE REALLLYYYYYY LATE. Or..
Really early….? It was..….1:00 PM? “ALARM CLOCK!!!!!!!!” I yelled.. like an apple that has sat on
a tree for millions of years and STILL hasn't ripened yet. Get it? No?...ok. Now, we TRIED to go
back to sleep, but there was a chicken outside, so….. We….. Might've…. Had a.. late night snack?
OF COOKIES!- YEAH, COOKIES!! And sandwiches -  So, I usually- WAIT!! MATT!! WHAT’S THE
SCRIPT SAY AGAIN!?!! “Umm… Your mom kissed a cookie goodnight and she ate you for a
night snack?...” WRONG WAY ‘ROUND!! (THE END.)

       By Emily


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